The power of our words

Do you suffer from “excusitis”?? Here at Teamology we have noticed that many of us are very skilled at making excuses that unfortunately sabotage our progress and success. As humans we are wired for the negative and are able to focus on bad things quite naturally. We have on average in excess of 50,000 thoughts every day and research shows that 90-95% of these thoughts are negative!!!!

We may get a compliment and without even realizing it we focus on the 10 people who said nothing instead of the compliment. As you can imagine our self talk is usually very negative and is like a stealth bomber silent and deadly. We won’t even realize the messages we send ourselves on a daily basis. Yet if we heard someone saying to another person the things we say to ourselves we simply would not stand for the abuse. Take the challenge and be more mindful of what you are saying to yourself.


Welcome to my first BLOG!!

I have so much t say so little time, too many examples and scars to prove it.

If you can have  a laugh, like to learn and yearn to understand the complexities of all that is human then please stay tuned …..

In the famous words of Arnie “i’ll be back…”